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This tapestry DIY TV cover was birthed from an idea of mine when I was desperate to get our seven years old (now 11 years old) TV disguised. Our TV is in our main living area, and I wanted a way to cover it when we had guests over for non-TV related hosting, to help my kids understand when they are having TV time and when they weren’t, and to give an elevated feel to the space when it wasn’t in use.

On social media, I have many people telling me that they love this idea especially for their guest rooms, so I hope you can find some inspiration here to bring out your creativity and easily beautify your space.

DIY TV Cover Shelf Corner Detail.jpeg

The Vision

The inspiration hit me one summer afternoon. I could see it in my mind, how to build a shelf above the TV with a cover that wouldn’t be seen if it was up. I could also see it being interchangeable as I’m always switching things up and trying out new designs.

I had never used a power saw before, and we had just gotten our first circular saw a few months before that! (For a great power tool free project check my Floating Stair Renovation!) I couldn’t let it go so I went in the garage to look for scraps to see if I had the right pieces to pull it together. I did have the pieces for it so I told my husband “can you give me a quick safety guideline and tutorial on this. I don’t want you to do it, I want to do it myself so I can learn!” He showed me a couple of things that he had learned cutting our plywood floors and using the circular saw for the first time himself only three months prior to this moment.

I had some leftover 3/4 of an inch birch plywood, so I used that for the top. I had leftover 1x3s from the baseboards upstairs that I used for the framing. I bought a swaying palms fabric print, a dowel rod, and went to work putting it together!


TV Shelf

¾ inch Plywood or Pine

1×3 Primed Pine

Corner Brace

1 inch L Corner Brace

5 inch Corner Brace

1 in Dowel rod

TV mount

DIY Tapestry


Wall Paint Samples of Choice


Circular Saw

Miter Saw (would make it easier)

Miter Box & Saw (if you don’t want to use power tools)

Mini Sewing Machine

Or Iron Hem

I moved our TV last week as I wanted to be more intentional with our use of space, and turn this spot into a guest entry and drop zone. I plan to build another one but pulling off the old one helped me see exactly how I put it together. I have to say I was pretty impressed with how I constructed this build with it being my first ever! It has been sturdy and stayed in place for almost 4 years.

I based the shelf on the size of our current 37 inch TV.  I made it a few inches wider on each side than the size of the actual TV. I used L brackets to screw it together. If I was building it now I would also use wood glue as it has a lot of strength, but I didn’t know it existed then.

I used bigger L brackets to attach the shelf in two spots from the top of the shelf and into the wall studs. A good stud finder can help you easily locate the center of the stud.

diy tv tapestry cover build instruction.JPG

Building Tip

An important part of the design is that at the front of the shelf where you tuck in the rolled-up tapestry: I angled the board slightly forward so that gravity pulls the tapestry into the hidden shelf.

I made the tapestry based on the size of the shelf. I sewed loops from old hair ties to the top, and for almost the whole time, I just wrapped the loops on the screws and used wire to attach the tapestry to it. I did recently try to attach it with Velcro to see if it was a better option. but the Velcro had a really hard time holding onto the fabric side. It had no issues with the shelf side, so I think it could be a great option if you sew Velcro onto the fabric side.

With this tapestry TV cover, we even made our first appearance in a magazine, HGTV magazine in the March 2021 Issue!

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

Thank you for joining me for this project and be sure to Dwell Aware out there!

Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

10 thoughts on “DIY TV Cover Shelf”

  1. This is just what I have been looking for! Hide the TV when not in use! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome idea!

  2. Great idea and believe me I’ve scoured Pinterest and YouTube to find the perfect solution to hide our TVS. I love the versatility of your design, for I, like you, want the option to change the cover. Also, way to go on learning how to work the saw etc.! There’s nothing more rewarding then serving the family with practical skills.

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