Bedroom DIY Wall Mural Makeover

Paint is so magical, and this freehand wall mural brought so much character, simplistic beauty, and definition to the space! Before I take on a bigger accent wall project in this space (coming soon!), I embraced some creativity and went after a free update to the space using what I already had on hand from other projects.


Room Styling:



bedroom minimalism plant mom makeover pothos

I used the box level to draw with a pencil the middle top and bottom lines. From there, I just let the creativity flow! It really takes a plain wall, and make the space a whole mood.

making the bed final reveal wall mural diy diyer.JPG

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The curves up to the ceiling and down the side slightly over to the right wall make it feel like the mural is giving a flowing frame to the space.

The curves up to the ceiling and down the side slightly over to the right wall make it feel like the mural is giving a flowing frame to the space.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Space:

Q: Is that cork flooring? Is it holding up well?

A: The flooring in this room is a click and lock cork flooring. We installed it in this room last year, and in the playroom 2 years ago. I haven’t been as impressed as I hoped I would be with it.


  • Installation wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and it felt like a beginner DIY. We’ve had no issues with gaps or abnormal expansion issues.

  • The style is so pretty, and it’s soft to the foot and quiet to walk on.

  • It is one of the best eco-friendly options for flooring because cork is a renewable source.


  • Certain furniture and toys have left permanent marks in it, which I’ve been disappointed with.

  • I didn’t have enough patience while installing to pull in enough variation of the planks from the different boxes. (That’s on me.)

  • It does also fade overtime depending on the direct sunlight it gets. It’s not the case for the two rooms we installed it in, but also something to consider.

Going back I probably would not have installed it, but that’s how it goes in DIY <>.

Q: Did you freehand the wall design?

A: I did freehand it, and this is a new approach for me in the last couple of months of my life! Since I knew eventually I had a bigger project coming for the space, I let myself be more free with the design and I loved the process and result.

Q: Do you actually like the quality of your bed frame?

A: Finding an affordable King bed that wasn’t thousands of dollars was a real search. I ended up choosing the one we have (now discontinued), and have been very happy with it! We did add about $40 of extra wood slats for more support. I lined the bottom of the slats with cork and it resolved the squeaks the bed did have with the extra slats. So I did some work to make it the bed what I wanted, but considering I paid about $400 for the bed, it was completely worth it.

Thank You for Joining me

Hope you enjoyed this makeover! I get many requests about budget makeovers, and I always go back to paint for those because it is an inexpensive way to make a big impact! Until next time, y’all make sure to Dwell Aware out there!

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