DIY Bubble Planter

DIY Planter

After some of the big jobs I’ve tackled in the last few months, I love being able to sprinkle in some small projects. They don’t require much effort and can be a really fun way to express creativity.

This DIY started out as a catch-all holder and has transitioned into a planter. I think it could be made for a variety of uses! It is my take on the modern bubble vases that I have been seeing all around. I would say this one has almost post-modern vibes with some textured soul to it!



Here is a fun short video that shows the process:

Step by Step

Step 1

I have had this small glass vase for years. I’m not sure where it came from; probably from a flower arrangement I received after one of my pregnancies.

I didn’t use primer but if you want to have a solid result, I would recommend spray priming before spray painting.


Tip for Spray Painting

To ensure even coats, keep them light and the nozzle at least 12 to 14 inches away from the glass.


Just How I was Hoping

I can get impatient in this process, but I was happy that I kept the coats light, which gave a nice even coverage.

Step 2

I found an arrangement with the felt balls that fit the flow I was going for. This was a fun moment to use creativity in the design.

DIY Ball Jar.jpg

Step 3

Next, I used hot glue to attach the felt balls to the vase. While applying the hot glue, there seemed to be a blue hint keeping out from the sides of the felt balls. But once the glue dried, it was all clear.

DIY Ball Jar1.jpg

The felt balls ended up having a slight sideways trend and I love the imperfection of it!

DIY Ball Jar2.jpg

Let me know in the comments what you would use this this catch-all for? Remotes, pens, a plant?




Remote Hub


Pen Holder

I could see doing the same design with a plastic vase from the dollar store (I linked a similar style an acrylic vase), and using it in a kids’ space!

Let me know if you try it out, and keep on dwelling aware out there!

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