Planter with DIY Arch Scallop Detail

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I am so excited to share with you about how I used Cricut Joy to freshen up these old planters! Cricut has so many amazing uses, and the creativity is endless with one. Let’s get into the design and application.

This blog post is sponsored by Cricut but all work, ideas and opinions are my own.

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I knew I wanted to add in some type of rounded arch like shape, so I searched shapes for an arch. There were so many cute options, so I tested out some to see what design was going to look the best.


Once I settled on a design, I followed these steps to create the design:

Step 1: On the bottom left corner press the image + sign and you can search for shapes. I found shapes I liked under “scallop border” and “arch”.

Step 2: Test out designs and sizes. Once I narrowed down to three top designs. I printed some out on the color I wasn’t using to test to see how they were going to look on the planter.

Cricut Joy How To.JPG

Step 3: Set up the dimensions to get the most out of your paper. Decided the best size for the planter then multiplied the border design to fit the length of my paper.

Cricut Joy Design.JPG

Step 4: Cut it out. This is the fun part to see your design come to life!


Step 5: Use the weeding tool from the starter kit to gently push under the design and pull it up, and apply to the planter.

Cricut Weeding.JPG
Planter Cricut Design.JPG

I use both the cut out and the leftover arches to spread out the usable cut out and bring variation. It worked out so well and I love the results!

Cricut Black Arch Design.JPG

Applying to the planters took about an hour and a half because I had to make sure it was laid correctly to have a seamless design. Overall, the results were amazing and added some charm and fun to these older planters.

Cricut Planter Glow Up.JPG
Cricut Arches Planter.JPG
Planter Cricut Detail.JPG

I am excited to continue making designs with the Cricut Joy! It is a great size for getting organized with beautiful label making design, custom cards, and so many other possibilities.

Y’all be sure to dwell aware out there!

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0 thoughts on “Planter with DIY Arch Scallop Detail”

  1. I love how you used the cut vinyl both ways! I always get a little nervous about making too much waste when I use my cricut, but you totally nailed it this way!

    A little transfer tape could be so helpful with placement for your next project & save you lots of time

    1. Yes, it was so nice to be able use the extra! Thank you so much, and for the transfer tape advice! It was my first Cricut project, so I’m definitely learning and appreciate that input. 🙂

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