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Week 3 is done for the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge! This week we focused on getting the beams ready for priming, building and mounting the frame for arch number 2, figuring out the right steps for tile demo, and other small projects. We are way off schedule at this point, mostly because of the weather taking a turn to almost freezing, which is pretty unheard of here in Texas this early in the cold season. I will show the readjusted schedule below.





I am hoping for some major progress this week!


Week 1: 

  • Choose tile from our wonderful collaboration with Fireclay Tile

  • Choose lights from our awesome collaboration with Crystorama

  • Demo the old built in cabinet

  • Tear open the ceiling to move the wiring and help sags in the poorly done drywall job

  • Wiring new spots for the pendant lights

  • Close up the ceiling drywall

  • Purchase supplies for the faux beams and door archways

Week 2: 

  • Build the Ceiling Beams

  • Build one Arch frame

Week 3:  

  • Build Second Arch Frame

  • Tape windows for Spray Painting

  • Pick paint samples from Clare Paint

  • Begin Tile Demo

  • Clean Exterior brick up

Week 4: Tile Demo, Ardex Finish the Retainer Wall, Tiling, Finish the arches, Spackle Walls, Refinish the Window Shelf, Spray Paint the Window Frames

Week 5:  Paint Ceiling & Walls, DIY Shelves, Add Window Trim

Week 6:  Reveal!

Hard Parts of the Week 2:

  • The drastic cold weather threw off my ability to spackle the arch and spray paint the window frames.

  • We ordered the wrong tool (hammer drill with two motions instead of three) for tile demo, which also disrupted our timeline.


Fun Parts of the Week 2:

  • So excited to partner with Clare paint to get this room painted! These are some color samples I have coming in this week!


Clare Paint Samples

  • To be honest, cleaning up the brick was so nice! I used boiling water with some TSP. I never use cleaners that strong but it was recommended by an IG follower, and I had some of the powder on hand from when I painted some cabinets. It cleaned up so nicely, and I just love our natural brick colors!

  • Seeing the shape of arch number 1, after initial sanding was amazing! And arch number 2 was a much easier build since I went through all the trial and error with arch number 1.

Thanks for coming along on the journey, and be sure to check out all the other amazing third weeks from featured designers and guest participants!

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