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Week 2 is done and we are making it through to week 3 of the One Room Challenge! This week we focused on building the three ceiling beams and the arches. Both proved to be intensive projects, and we still have not completed the arches.






Week 1: 

  • Choosing tile from our wonderful collaboration with Fireclay Tile

  • Choosing lights from our awesome collaboration with Crystorama

  • Demoing the old built in cabinet

  • Tearing open the ceiling to move the wiring and help sags in the poorly done drywall job

  • Wiring new spots for the pendant lights

  • Closing up the ceiling drywall

  • Purchased supplies for the faux beams and door archways

Week 2: 

  • Build the Ceiling Beams

  • Build one Arch frame

Week 3: Finishing the arches, Spackle & Paint Ceiling & Walls, Refinishing the Window Shelf, Tile Demo

Week 4: Repainting the Window Frames and adding Trim, DIY Shelves, Re-cementing the Retainer Wall

Week 5: Tiling and DIY Furniture Items

Week 6: Finishing all the loose ends!

Hard Parts of the Week 2:

  • I wanted to keep the ceiling beams as a more affordable project, so I used plywood and blocks of framing wood to assemble them. We struggled with figuring out the dimensions with the angled roof. Beam one took a long time, but with beam two I accidentally assembled upside down, and beam three I cut too long so we had to shave some off. All the trial and error.

  • I was hoping the arches would be a 2 day project, and here on day 5 and I still do not have one finished arch. I cried real tears over this DIY, But I think I am close to having it figured out.


Fun Parts of the Week 2:

  • I am very happy with how the beam placement has turned out! Choosing to do three beams does not draw attention towards the unevenly placed windows, and I think it is going to look amazing with the lighting pendants from our collaboration with Crystorama!

  • Our flooring tile came from Fireclay Tile and it is more beautiful than I could have imagined!


Thanks for coming along for the journey, and be sure to check out all the other amazing second weeks from featured designers and guest participants!

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6 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 3 | Modern Cozy Sunroom | Dwell Aware”

  1. Can’t wait to see how this all comes together. Looks great so far 🙂 I’m doing ORC too on my blog Doing my Home Office. Grateful for ORC keeping me accountable to just finish it lol. Best of luck!

    1. Taylor thank you the encouraging words! I love how beautifully your office is coming together. It’s such a peaceful space and I love that arched mirror! We are almost at the finish line!

    1. Thank you Jessica for the kind words! This process has taken up all my time, but I am loving how the space is turning out.

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