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Week 4 is done for the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge! We heavily focused on our old tile demolition and laying the new tiles! Along with spackling the walls and arches, spray painting the window frames from silver to black, and choosing paint colors from the Clare paint samples!





We definitely caught up in the schedule this week, with some very late nights with the tiling process to pull it all together!

This week is going to be a big one and hopefully will have a reveal tied to it! But I am not pressuring myself to get it done if it’s too much.


Week 1: 

  • Choose tile from our wonderful collaboration with Fireclay Tile

  • Choose lights from our awesome collaboration with Crystorama

  • Demo the old built in cabinet

  • Tear open the ceiling to move the wiring and help sags in the poorly done drywall job

  • Wiring new spots for the pendant lights

  • Close up the ceiling drywall

  • Purchase supplies for the faux beams and door archways

Week 2: 

  • Build the Ceiling Beams

  • Build one Arch frame

Week 3:  

Build Second Arch Frame

Tape windows for Spray Painting

Pick paint samples from Clare Paint

Begin Tile Demo

Clean Exterior brick up

Week 4:

Tile Demo


Finish the arches

Spackle Walls

Spray Paint the Window Frames

Week 5:  Tile Grouting, Ardex Finish the Retainer Wall, Paint Ceiling & Walls (gifted from Clare Paint), Refinish the Window Shelf, Install Lighting (gifted from Crystorama), Add Window Trim and Electrical Tape Window Trim.

Week 6:  Reveal!

Hard Parts of the Week 4:


The tile demo was the hardest work! The biggest issues came in removing the old mortar from the ground to create a flat surface. We spent hours getting it to the right point to be able to attach the Schluter Ditra uncoupling membrane.


Laying tile for the first time ever was also challenging.

  1. Since it was my first time to tile, I didn’t think about what shapes would be the easiest to tile. Hexagons are not a beginner tile shape. All the angles are a lot to line up. A fourth of the way into laying the tiles, I stopped using spaces because I was struggling to use them and line things up. Now that the hexagons are installed I am so glad I went with this shape though!

  2. It feels like such a permanent job that it can get into your head that you are going to mess it up and not install it correctly. On top of that, we were using some of the most gorgeous tiles that were gifted from Fireclay tile!


Fun Parts of the Week 4:

I ordered two extra colors of tile to make some doorway designs. But we realized that the Mesa, which has a glossier finish, was having issues with reflecting the strong sun into our eyes in the afternoon. So I tried out some different designs, and chose a design for the corner by the brick, and I love it soooo much!!

tile design 1.png
tile design 2.png

I am so excited about the paint colors I chose this week! I went bold with choosing Coffee Date which is a chocolate brown for the ceiling. It is going to be a statement, but I cannot wait to have the faux beams painted and bring this room together!

tile and paint.png

Thanks for coming along on the journey, and be sure to check out the featured designers and guest participants and what went on in their week 4!

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