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The Fall 2020 One Room Challenge is here!!! Our cozy modern sunroom came to life and I could not be happier about sharing it all with you!





We took full advantage of the extra time with our reveal in order that we could finish well, and actually be able to enjoy the space.

Let’s review what we have accomplished in this challenge!


Week 1: 

  • Choose tile from our wonderful collaboration with Fireclay Tile

  • Choose lights from our awesome collaboration with Crystorama

  • Demo the old built in cabinet

  • Tear open the ceiling to move the wiring and help sags in the poorly done drywall job

  • Wiring new spots for the pendant lights

  • Close up the ceiling drywall

  • Purchase supplies for the faux beams and door archways

Week 2: 

  • Build the Ceiling Beams

  • Build one Arch frame

Week 3:  

Build Second Arch Frame

Tape windows for Spray Painting

Pick paint samples from Clare Paint

Begin Tile Demo

Clean Exterior brick up

Week 4:

Tile Demo

Tiling (gifted from Fireclay Tile)

Finish the arches

Spackle Walls

Spray Paint the Window Frames

Week 5:  Tile Grouting

Henry Feather Finish the Retainer Wall

Paint Ceiling & Walls (gifted from Clare Paint)

Refinish the Window Shelf

Install Lighting (gifted from Crystorama)

Add Window Trim and Electrical Tape Window Trim

Week 6:  Style & Reveal!!

There was a lot to accomplish in the last few weeks, as you can see in the above list. It was so exciting to see all the pieces fall in place to create the vision I first saw before we started the demolition! For the styling I chose to shop my home, and use items I already had. Besides purchasing a new plant from a local nursery that was advised would stand up to our Texas heat and freezes, and should give quite a bit of tree like height also as it grows (curly leaf ligustrum). Along with a beautiful clay planter from Home Depot (I can’t find the link!)


Hard Parts of the Week:

  1. It was really hot on the day we grouted, and the grout dried way quicker than we were expecting. Had we known it was going to dry so fast, we would have worked in much smaller sections. We had a hard time removing the dried grout from the tile, but worked through it!

  2. We had the same drying experience with the feather finish for the retainer wall. It dried so quickly (the box said this but I guess I didn’t quite believe it until I saw it.


Fun Parts of the Week:

  1. Seeing the dark ceiling color and lighting up with life giving! And just so fun to finally see up after all the work of choosing beam placement, lighting placement and ceiling repairs.

  2. The concrete finish on the retainer wall felt so right for the room. This wall always felt off painted and the rough concrete texture now has all the the character and modern vibes.

Reveal Walk Through:

Before - Where we started…

Before – Where we started…

before picture
Sunroom door closed.png

Such a big thank you for coming along on the journey! It has been a wild ride and so worth all the effort. I could not have done it without my extremely supportive spouse and kids, and you cheering me on!! Please be sure to check out all the featured designers and guest participants with their amazing reveals! There are some truly incredible designs and DIYs that were completed this round. It is very inspiring given that it is 2020, and this year has come with so many challenges. Thank you One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens for allowing me to be a part of this amazing community!

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    1. Thank you Stacy! It was hard work, but it has turned into a little beautiful space. And yes on the tile, Fireclay is the best!

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