DIY 70s Wall Mural Magic

DIY murals and colorblocks can bring in the fun when it comes to making a magical space! This school and playroom space needed a bright update to bring in some fun and magic as we started a kindergarten school year in the midst of a pandemic. I wanted to do this affordably so a colorblock was the way to go. I really pushed into my gut instincts on this design, and the result was more than I dreamed of! Even when the room gets a little messy, it is always a welcoming and creative space!


I went towards a 70s inspired feel because I enjoy the color palettes from that era! Bringing the arch to the ceiling was such a fun detail. We have heavy stomp wall texture, so having crisp lines was key.


Mural Colors:

I used paint samples with a flat finish and ended up buying a few samples of some colors since I didn’t have the design planned out beforehand. If you have a plan, it is easier to figure out how much paint you will actually need. Since I was going from white walls to darker colors, going back I would have also primed the wall with a deep base to save on paint.



Tips on Making Crisp Colorblock lines:

  1. Using high-quality tape helps!

  2. Once you apply the tape, add the original wall color over the tape to help seal the tape.

  3. If you want super crisp lines and have heavy wall texture do this same process but with caulk.

I used a homemade compass to complete this project. I personally like to use twine because it has no give so when you take your pencil to the end of it giving you a very exact circular shape.

Mural and Floating Desk
Rug in the photo: Thalia Black Rug in 9x12

Rug in the photo: Thalia Black Rug in 9×12


Frequently Asked:

Q: How do I figure out where to add a wall mural?

A: For this project, my focus was based on filling the sitting area in order to make the space feel complete. This is normally how I approach my murals, with the intention of making a planned space complete.

I am sure you can approach it in the opposite way though, and build your decor around the mural after you make it.

Mural Happiness

When I came to this mural the only clear plan I had in mind was the arch physically topping at the ceiling. Besides that I went with my instincts and it was a very creative moment. I hope these tips help you to go after your own creative moment in your space whether it’s on the wall, or on a canvas… there are so many possibilities! Hope y’all keep Dwelling Aware out there!

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