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Me in my sunroom

About the Challenge


I am overjoyed to announce that I will be participating in the Better Homes and Gardens Fall 2020 One Room Challenge as a guest participant! As I settled into my Instagram home design journey earlier this summer, ORC content started to cover stories and feeds as participants introduced their amazing final reveals of the spring challenge! This fall everything lined up for me to participate and I am excited to be a part of it!





The One Room Challenge is an amazing community that comes together to cheer each another on in the process of transforming one room. In the spring, I was in shock of the amazing level of enthusiasm and kindness shown throughout the reveal stage. I knew I had found “my people” for this type of fast paced and fun process!

1. Our Room


I decided our sunroom would be the perfect area to update. In the reality of 2020 and the pandemic, we have spent a lot of time at home. Now more than ever before, we realize the need to maximize all of our the the spaces.

When we viewed our home for the first time, to be honest, we were not about this sunroom. However, after four years in this house, we have come to love it. It shelters you from the heat in the summer. I can see the kids playing from this room no matter which side of the yard there are in. I did an initial revamp on the room back in 2016: I painted the tan walls white, added barn doors on the outside, and painted the cabinet top. But now it is time to take this space to the next level!

The Room in 2016

2016 Sunroom BEFORE.png

My vision for the sunroom includes some bold and beautiful choices that will transform this room into an at-home getaway for daytime relaxing as a family, and evening date nights as a couple. We live in Texas, so we use our outdoor spaces year round!

I have a minimalistic style that embraces color, clean lines and warmth. I am aspiring to turn this space into a modern luxury oasis! As the weeks go on, I will expand on my design decisions, but as you can see in the mood board below, we will be doing some fun DIY’s and even working on changing up the architectural feel.

And I am entirely hoping for a Chris Loves Julia music room feel with the ceiling color!

Mood Board

Sunroom Moodboard.png

Mood Board Sources:

Fiddle Leaf Fig

2. Some of the Plans Include


Fireclay Tile Logo.jpeg



I am so excited to be collaborating with this amazing brand for tile! 



 And with this awesome company for lighting!

Sunroom changes 1.png
Sunroom Changes 2.png
Sunroom Changes 3.png

3. Come Follow Me on Instagram!


I am so excited to have you along for this journey, and looking forward to sharing this process with you! Be sure to check out my IG stories to get real time updates on the renovation!


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20 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 1 | Modern Cozy Sunroom | Dwell Aware”

    1. Hi! Aw, thank you! Outdoor furniture choices are not secured yet, but what ever we choose or DIY should be very cute!!

  1. Love this design and I totally agree that especially in 2020 it’s great to have more spaces to enjoy in your own home. Also I’m on your side – 8 inch hexagon tile for sure!

    1. Hi! Yesss, 2020 is all about maximizing your spaces to enjoy them! Thank you 🙂 yes, we are definitely leaning that way!

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