Bedroom DIY Wall Mural Makeover

Paint is so magical, and this freehand wall mural brought so much character, simplistic beauty, and definition to the space! Before I take on a bigger accent wall project in this space (coming soon!), I embraced some creativity and went after a free update to the space using

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DIY TV Cover

DIY TV Cover Shelf

This tapestry DIY TV cover was birthed from an idea of mine when I was desperate to get our seven years old (now 11 years old) TV disguised. Our TV is in our main living area, and I wanted a way to cover it when we had guests

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DIY Fluted Accent Wall

DIY Fluted & Trim Accent Wall

I was hoping to make an impact on this dining room wall, and I put the vision to life with this accent wall! It’s a combination I haven’t personally seen anywhere, but I appreciate the non-intense commitment to full wall fluting. This accent wall is a combination of

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DIY 70s Wall Mural Magic

DIY murals and colorblocks can bring in the fun when it comes to making a magical space! This school and playroom space needed a bright update to bring in some fun and magic as we started a kindergarten school year in the midst of a pandemic. I wanted

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DIY Bubble Planter

After some of the big jobs I’ve tackled in the last few months, I love being able to sprinkle in some small projects. They don’t require much effort and can be a really fun way to express creativity. This DIY started out as a catch-all holder and has

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